Taking the ‘Time to Talk’ and sharing memories

How well do we really know the people who matter the most to us?

Whether it’s our parents, grandparents, partners or closest friend, chances are we may not really know what significant people, places and events shaped their lives.

Sitting down with them to talk about their lives can be very rich and satisfying. Learning about people, places, values and lessons they have learned can help bring us closer to people that we really care about.

It’s amazing how many times following a funeral service or even during the arrangement we hear people say ‘I never knew that about him or her’.

However that’s very often just the scratch on the surface. We may know what happened on the day they graduated, but may never have asked how they were feeling on the day?

Finding the right way to start talking with the people we love can be the challenging part but once we start the conversation, we may find it difficult to stop.

Each one of us has a story to tell and there’s always more we can learn about from others.

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