June is Men’s Health Month

June 13, 2019

It’s a great time to think about our health and how important it is to start talking about it with our mates, families and doctors, and to do something for ourselves to be just a little bit healthier.

Men’s Health Month runs every JUNE.

Throughout the month men in New Zealand are being encouraged to open up and start talking about our health, and to get along to the Doc for a check-up.
If you are looking for some great information and resources visit: http://menshealthnz.org.nz/mens-health-month/
There are so many different aspects of Men’s Health that we don’t typically acknowledge, this goes hand in hand with our good ol kiwi attitude of “she’ll be right”
Here are just few different aspects of Men’s Health along with some great resources if you wanted to look at things further:

Planning Your Future

March 4, 2019

The role of enduring powers of attorney

Many of us will lose our mental capacity as we age – either suddenly or slowly over time. This means we lose the ability to make important decisions about our lives.
To plan ahead, you can make an enduring power of attorney, commonly called an EPA, giving someone else the ability to make decisions on your behalf about things like healthcare, finances and property. It is crucial that the attorney you appoint is someone you trust and who knows how you would want your life and property managed.
An enduring power of attorney gives someone else the legal right to act on your behalf. Granting an enduring power of attorney is an important decision. It is a legal requirement that you obtain legal advice from a lawyer who only acts on your behalf.
There are various options that you can have in your EPA. For example, if you appoint more than 1 attorney, you can say whether they must act together (jointly) or can act separately (severally). You can also appoint successor attorneys, cancel (revoke) previous EPAs, determine the...
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Taking the ‘Time to Talk’ and sharing memories

January 24, 2019

How well do we really know the people who matter the most to us?

Whether it’s our parents, grandparents, partners or closest friend, chances are we may not really know what significant people, places and events shaped their lives.

Sitting down with them to talk about their lives can be very rich and satisfying. Learning about people, places, values and lessons they have learned can help bring us closer to people that we really care about.

It’s amazing how many times following a funeral service or even during the arrangement we hear people say ‘I never knew that about him or her’.

However that’s very often just the scratch on the surface. We may know what happened on the day they graduated, but may never have asked how they were feeling on the day?

Finding the right way to start talking with the people we love can be the challenging part but once we start the conversation, we may find it difficult to stop.

Each one of us has a story to tell and there’s always more we can learn about from others.

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